Canis Canem Edit video tour

Tuesday 19 September 2006
Rockstar's playground ruckus, Canis Canem Edit, is due for launch on 27 October, but in case you've yet to be introduced to the world of Bullworth Academy - the school-of-hard-knocks-to-the-head where the game is set - here's a brand new trailer welcoming you to the schoolyard. Hit the movies tab above to watch it now.

We've already been hands on with Canis Canem Edit - back when it was still called Bully - and we're impressed. With all the production values, clever scripting and enthralling atmosphere that made Rockstar's GTA series such a joy, Canis ought to be on everyone's shopping list when it finally lands next month.

Above: Canis Canem Edit mixes hard-line schoolyard pranks with tongue-in-cheek missions