Can UT console mods ever work?

Is the PC taking another bullet to the chest as a feature that was unique to the platform is now spreading to console?

Epic Games vice president Mark Rein dropped an interesting little bombshell the other day concerning Unreal Tournament 3 and modifications, game reworks - and often labors of love - developed by third-parties and bedroom coders that have kept PC titles alive for years after release.

In an interview with Team Xbox, the ever ebullient developer revealed that third-party UT modifications are not only now possible on console, but that Epic is going to take mods formerly only available on PC versions of Unreal Tournament "and bring them over to PlayStation 3, and help their developers polish them up."

The plan won't be unique to PS3 either, Rein saying on Xbox 360 in connection with UT mods that "we'll be able to do something like that there as well". Mods are the lifeblood of this game, and part of the reason we delayed announcing the 360 is because UT without mods is half a UT.

"The big thing we're excited about bringing to console are mods," he revealed.