Camelot goes Classic

Dark Age of Camelot, the hugely successful massively-multiplayer online RPG, is to set up a new Classic server in an attempt to solve many of the problems caused by the controversial Trials of Atlantis expansion.

The expansion pack, which offered players the chance to gain ludicrously powerful skills and weapons while completing a set of lengthy quests, was heavily criticised by fans for unbalancing the entire game. It even drove some disgruntled players to cancel their accounts.

The Classic server hopes to rebalance Dark Age of Camelot, mainly by restricting the development of skills and magic abilities in the game and limiting access to the super-powerful items from the Trials of Atlantis expansion. Bonuses received by players for using several accounts at the same time will also be toned down.

In addition to this announcement, a brand new expansion is planned for Dark Age of Camelot, titled Darkness Rising. This will add trusty steeds and other mounts to the mix, enhancing the game's visuals and extending the current list of available quests.

Dark Age of Camelot is out now for PC. The Classic server will activate in the next few weeks, and the Darkness Rising expansion will be released in early 2006