Call of Duty: Warzone players don't think the nerf to the DMR is enough

Call of Duty Warzone
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The tweaks to two of Call of Duty: Warzone's most powerful guns dropped last night, but players don't think they've gone far enough. 

The DMR nerf patch went live last night, but the impact of those changes seems to be pretty minimal.

In a tweet yesterday, Raven Software said that it had reduced headshot damage and increased recoil on the DMR 14, and decreased the headshot multiplier on the Mac-10. According to several players on Reddit and Twitter, however, the tweaks to the DMR's recoil - one of its most controversial features - aren't as effective as many had hoped.

In a clip shared to Twitter, streamer John Speros showed himself checking the gun immediately after downloading the patch. After firing for several seconds, he told his audience that "there is no recoil on this gun at all. Nothing at all," telling Raven that "if the update is already live y'all did absolutely nothing."

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On Reddit, multiple posts on Warzone-related subreddits poke fun at the minimal impact of the nerfs. One player showed how even after the nerf, a player wielding the DMR still managed to pick them off from inside a moving vehicle, while others have borrowed popular meme formats from the likes of Sailor Moon and The Office to suggest that the changes haven't made any difference.

At the moment, it seems that at least some members of the community are hoping for more nerfs in future, but there's been no word from the developers on that front. For now at least, it seems as though the DMR will continue to dominate Warzone's meta.

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