Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 gets 10 free digital comics to flesh out its specialists

The news that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (opens in new tab) won't have a single player campaign (opens in new tab) was met with a mixed response, so Treyarch was eager to assure people that "there's a story, but it's being told inside of the multiplayer universe." It turns out some of that story is also being told outside of the game, via a series of 10 digital comics featuring Black Ops 4's main characters. You can read or download the comics here (opens in new tab)

The first three comics are now available, starring Donnie "Ruin" Walsh, David "Prophet" Wilkes, and Jarrah "Crash" Bazley, respectively. Judging from these initial issues, the comics are all around 20 pages long and centered around backstory and origin stories - whatever it is these people were doing before Black Ops 4 happened. Crash, for instance, was apparently an Australian doctor with a penchant for back-alley gun fights. 

If nothing else, it's nice to have names and faces for the 10 different characters. The remaining seven issues will focus on Torque, Firebreak, Nomad, Recon, Seraph, Ajax, and Battery. Treyarch previously said Black Ops 4 will feature a series of solo missions that "give players the ability to learn and master each of the specialists," while experiencing a story "that takes place between Black Ops 2 and Black Ops 3." That makes me wonder if specialists' in-game abilities will reflect their comic book stories, which would be a nice touch. 

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