Buying a PS5 should now be a lot easier as imports are up 400% on last year

PlayStation 5
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Due to chip shortages and supply chain issues, nabbing a PS5 up until now has been no simple task. Thankfully, as we near the console's second birthday, we're seeing more and more availability, so if you're still looking to get your hands on Sony's new-gen hardware, you should now have a much easier time doing so.

David Gibson, a Senior Analyst at MST Financial, recently revealed the figures behind the improved PS5 supply on Twitter. According to import data for the US, PlayStation shipments in September were up by more than 400% year on year. That's a lot of extra PS5s making their way onto retailers' shelves. And with the release of one of PS5's most anticipated titles, God of War Ragnarök, fast approaching, Sony will be aiming to ensure it's got an ample supply of the hardware on hand.

So how does this compare to the other consoles? In a follow-up tweet, Gibson estimates that Xbox supply into the US was up 89% compared to this time last year. However, he did note that the "data requires more interpretation to get the right sources."

When it comes to Nintendo, it seems that US imports for last month were down 59% year on year. But as the company is using airfreight and this data measures sea freight, it doesn't offer a true reflection of Switch shipments. Nintendo fans needn’t worry too much about hardware shortages as, according to Gibson, the company is "ramping production".

Purchasing a PS5 should be smoother going forward, but it's also now more expensive. Back in August, Sony announced that the price of the PS5 would be increasing around the world, with the exception of America. PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan explained the price hike is due to the "global economic environment, including high inflation rates.”

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