Vin Diesel says Butcher Bay team working on a new Riddick game

The team behind Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay is back together making another Riddick game. Series star and producer Vin Diesel told IGN (via OXM) about the follow-up to Assault on Dark Athena.

"There's this huge concept which is more of a MMO game that would be centered around people being able to play mercs and it's basically the merc trade," Diesel said. "There's a very cool game concept behind that."

Diesel said the former Starbreeze team was reassembled with his own developer Tigon this year, so it likely won't tie in with Riddick, which is in theaters now. The team behind Dark Athena does not seem to be involved--Starbreeze released Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons in August.

Are you excited to see the Riddick games take a new direction, or do you hope the next title skews closer to the single-player sneaking-and-fisticuffs gameplay of the original?

Connor Sheridan

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