Bust-A-Move screens burst onto the scene

Everyone's favorite bubble-wranglin' dinosaurs are back on the scene in Bust-A-Move Bash! and set to make their Wii debut this February. To get you psyched for all the spherical action coming your way, we've got a bunch of new screens for you to enjoy, sohit the Images tab above.

The screens showcase the eight player action (eight?!) that looks crazy fun, though we're not quite sure how Bust-A-Move Bash! will manage eight players at a time. Simultaneous usage of the Wii Remote, GameCube, and Classic controllers? Or perhaps 4 Nunchuk-and-Remote combos, with one person on each element? How 'bout this - we'll get to the bottom of that one, and you just worry about how to fit eight people in front of your television. Deal?

Above: Chaos never looked so colorful

January 17, 2007