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Burnout Paradise: 30km of free roaming action

The latest trailer for EA%26rsquo;s Burnout Paradise gives us another peek at the city's 30 square kilometres that'll become the %26ldquo;ultimate driving playground%26rdquo; when the game is released for Xbox 360 and PS3 on22 January. Hit the movie player below to see the game in action.

In a radical move away from the tried and tested event select screens of the previous titles in the series, Paradise City has no menus and, perhapsmost importantly, no loading screens.Races and events areselected by cruising around the city in a mode called %26ldquo;Free Burn%26rdquo;. When you see a potential rival the race can be started and, if you findyourself behind the pack, finishedwith a simple tap of L2 and R2.

When we last had somehands-on time with this gorgeous racer, we came away suitably impressed. If it lives up to all its promises, and we%26rsquo;reconfident it will, this is going to be very special indeed.