Burning Crusade delayed to next year

World of Warcraft PC expansion The Burning Crusade will not be making its end-of-year release, developer Blizzard has officially announced.

Don't throw out that request for a month of holiday time or doctor's letter recommending you take two weeks rest at home just yet, though - the launch date is only being moved "by a few weeks," so you'll be raiding the Dark Portal by the end of January.

Typically, for the notoriously perfectionist Blizzard, the delay is for "a little extra time to polish the content and ensure that the expansion meets our expectations and those of our players," not because there's anything horribly wrong with it. In fact, fromwhat we've seen of the game so far, it's looking very tasty indeed.

We'll have more on World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade when a definite release date has been burned into our calendars for next year.

October 24, 2006