Bunnies bad at soccer

We got our hands on a video of Rayman Raving Rabbids that proves, beyond the shadow of doubt, that rabbits are ill-equipped to play soccer. Why Ubisoft thought we needed a video to make that point, we're not sure (bunnies are typically smaller than a soccer ball, after all), but it's fun nonetheless. Clickhere to peep the cuteness.

While soccer may not be the forte of Rayman 's nefarious little rabbits, they seem to have no problem with busting a move and gettin' groovy on the dance floor with an afroed Rayman. Still, based on their supposed plot to take over the Earth, we can only assume that this latest video release is a part of their elaborate ruse designed to lull us into a sense of security as we get all mushy watching the fuzzy little buggers trip the light fantastic.

June 13, 2006