Bully to launch "later this year"

Thursday 3 August 2006
Bully, Rockstar's controversial schoolyard brawler, is still very much in development and heading for a launch "later this year", according to a Rockstar spokesman, who also stated that the game "will be released on PS2 only".

Rockstar's Vancover studio has been busy completing the game, which casts you as a brawny schoolboy at school-of-hard-knocks-to-the-head, Bullworth Academy. When we asked if Bully has undergone any changes in response to the controversy, in which the game was condemned by anti-bulling campaigners, Rockstar told us "you're going to have to wait and see".

Above: Bully looks set to be a no-holds-barred schoolyard romp - which has angered activists

Many gamers expected Rockstar to axe Bully's school-set mischief, after igniting a storm of backlash. Responses to Bully's appearance 12 months ago included youth group Peaceaholics staging a protest outside of Rockstar's headquarters, as well as infamous US shock-lawyer Jack Thompson branding it a "Columbine simulator". British M.P. Keith Vaz is also attempting to ban the game in the UK.

Rockstar has invited campaigners to see the game for themselves, and told BBC online last year that Bully "should be judged in the same way as any other work of fiction," adding that "people should not judge what is work in progress". Our Rockstar spokesman was unable to confirm when we'll get to see Bully again, but don't worry, we're already busy hunting down new info for your eyes.