Bully: the cliques

Unless your parents homeschooled you, you already know the drill. Take a bunch of kids andthrow 'em into a school. What happens? They break into cliques. The different social groups each have their rock-solid membership... and their own bizarre quirks.

Bully's Bullworth Academy is no exception. Far from it, in fact - each of these different groups is stereotyped for your convenience. Over the next several days, we'll take a look at each group that crawls the halls of this twisted boarding school. Will you pick brawn and ally with the jocks, or sidle up to the nerds for their cutting-edge weaponry? The choice is yours.

Day 1:The Nerds

Day 2:The Greasers

Day 3:The Preppies

Day 4:The Jocks

Day 5:The Bullies