Bulletstorm devs no longer owned by Epic Games, currently working on new title

People Can Fly, the studio that brought us the over-the-top Tony-Hawk-but-with-guns Bulletstorm, has gone back to its independent roots and has officially broken off from Epic Games. Now, the team is currently working on "an entirely new unannounced game", according to a blog post on the developer's website.

Founded in 2002, the independent studio worked on Painkiller, Gears of War, and Bulletstorm before being acquired by Epic Games in 2013, when it was rebranded as Epic Games Poland. As of today, the studio has regained its independence, its original name, and according to a report on GameSpot, retained the rights to the Bulletstorm franchise.

The Polish studio is still helping Epic Games finish the upcoming Fortnite, and is working on a brand new title in Unreal Engine 4. Sebastian Wojciechowski remains the studio's director.

While there's no indication as to what the team is working on at the moment, hopefully we'll get to return to Stygia and kick some mooks into space cacti at some point. Since Bulletstorm is staying with the original developers, it's probably the best chance we've got at a sequel.

David Roberts
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