Bullet Witch loads up

We've managed to get hold of a load of shots of Bullet Witch, the Xbox 360 action game that is due out in Japantoday, but is still awaiting a US release date.

Microsoft is continually trying to increase the popularity of its console in Japan and believes indigenous products are the way forward. Consequently, much is expected of Cavia-developed shooter Bullet Witch.

The action takes place in 2013 when mankind is on the verge of extinction due to a demon invasion. It's at this low ebb that a witch called Alicia appears, who could well be mankind's salvation.

While Bullet Witch might not be receiving the same exposure as Gears of War, the game is almost as important to Xbox 360 as the Epic Games project, as Bullet Witch is by a Japanese game developer for the Japanese games market.

July 27, 2006