Bullet Witch beefs up

Xbox 360's action game of magic and guns Bullet Witch can now be boosted with new content available to download from Xbox Live Marketplace.

Bullet Witch lead character Alicia can now be decked out in a White Witch costume for free - see attached pic - and a brand new mission Dynamite Beauty can be yours for 20 Microsoft Points.

In addition, new versions of the "Clad in Streaming Black" mission, one featuring "Great Spells" unlocked and the other a heightened level of difficulty are available for 20 Microsoft Points.

Plus, a Bullet Witch Xbox 360 Theme pack is also available.

What's been released is only the first wave of planned download content for Bullet Witch.

The game's publisher, Atari, has informed that further free costumes for Alicia (Mummy, Schoolgirl, Secretary and Pixie outfits), four brand new missions - 20 MP each - and enhanced versions of five existing missions (20 MP each) will be released over the coming weeks.

March 30, 2007