Building up a Resistance

Thursday, 21 September 2006
A new story trailer has been released for Resistance, the PS3's WWII shooter set in an altogether different World War II where it's our world versus the aliens - and they're the winning team.

Check the movies tab above for an introduction to playable character Nathan Hale's UK tour of duty. Starting off grim, with the alien Chimera overrunning Europe, it finishes on another less-than-happy note, with its awfully British narrator Rachel Parker explaining that Hale was never seen again after the events of the game.

We'll have to play Resistance after the PS3's American launch in November to discover exactly what Hale gets up to (apart from shooting a whole lot of Chimeran troops, which is a given). Those of you with stronger wills will want to avoid impressions from our lucky American cousins until the game invades our shores in March 2007.