Build a lab in Surgeon Simulator 2 and you could win $1000

(Image credit: Bossa Studios)

Bossa Studios is hosting a monthly competition that awards several $1000 prizes to Surgeon Simulator 2 players with the best custom levels.

Surgeon Simulator 2 launches Thursday, August 27 on PC and includes Creation mode as a core feature alongside Story mode. Bossa Studios has announced that every month they'll handpick five levels worthy of their Community Spotlight and feature them in the in-game terminal. Not only that, but each winner gets paid $1000 USD for their creativity.

"Players can design and decorate levels in any way they want using the Creation Mode Catalogue, which boasts a heart-racing array of surface textures, furnishings and decorations. It not only allows players to build the medical facility of their dreams (or nightmares!), but pretty much anything their imaginations can think of, including futuristic space stations, horror-themed hedge mazes, or even a fully functioning dance machine (just some of the things already created by the community during Closed Alpha)," Bossa Studios wrote in a press release.

Creation mode in Surgeon Simulator 2 sounds pretty extensive, featuring a Circuit function that lets you string together complex wiring systems to make things like "pressure plate actioning doors or full-blown escape rooms." You can also customize gameplay rules and level logic, so expect some pretty wild Surgeon Simulator 2 custom levels in the near future. And if you happen to make one yourself, you can easily share them with the community and possibly earn yourself a handsome reward.

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