Buffy: The Last Vampire Slayer introduces 50-year-old Buffy Summers and Xander

Buffy: The Last Vampire Slayer #1 page
(Image credit: Boom! Studios)

Starting in December, Boom! Studios is flashing forward to a dystopian future version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with the aptly named four-issue limited series Buffy: The Last Vampire Slayer from writer Casey Gilley and artists Joe Jaro and Joana La Fuente, and now the publisher has unveiled a look at 'Old Lady Buffy' (to borrow a nickname from Wolverine) and at least one of her closest allies.

(Image credit: Boom! Studios)

Boom! has revealed the main cover of Buffy: The Last Vampire Slayer #1 from Ario Anindito, along with variant covers from Rod Reis, Dani Pendergast, Jakub Rebelka, Claire Roe, and Giuseppe Camuncoli (Undiscovered Country). 

Along with multiple takes on the now 50-year-old Buffy Summers who stars in the story, Reis' variant, seen here, appears to show 'Old Man Xander' - though if he's only meant to be 50, those must have been a rough last few decades since we saw him in his youth.

Buffy: The Last Vampire Slayer is set in a dark future a "magical catastrophe" has almost entirely blocked out the sun, with the same cataclysm having killed nearly all of Buffy's friends and allies, and even ended the line of Slayers - meaning there's no one left for Buffy to pass down her powers and duties as the Slayer to and retire.

But according to Boom!'s official synopsis for Buffy: The Last Vampire Slayer, Buffy is about to meet a young girl who could change all that, and who could provide the key to ending Buffy's war against the forces of darkness once and for all.

Here's the gallery of covers, along with some interior pages from the issue:

Buffy: The Last Vampire Slayer #1 is due out December 8.

There's no better place to pick up a copy of Buffy: The Last Vampire Slayer #1 or one of its variant covers than at your local comic shop.

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