Bubsy 3D Cheats

Bubsy 3D Cheats

  • PS1 | Submitted by GamesRadar


    Try out these passwords.

    All levels: XLVLCHTMSB

    Bonus Levels: XBNFCHTMMM

    99 Lives: XMUTHOLIFE

    Rocket Parts: XTOOROCKER

    Random Teleport: XZOOMMERKB Then press L + START to trigger it

    Shield: XLTMGBUGMB Then Press TRIANGLE and SELECT to ActivateTurn

    Bubsy into Snake Pliskin: XURASNAKER

    Death Movies: XDETHSEKLE

    Idle Movies: XIDLEXRHAM

    End level movies: XAEOLSDHCM

    Outro movies: XOUTMOVMAX