BT's fibre broadband deals offer excellent value, fast speeds and an £80 Mastercard

Broadband deals
(Image credit: BT)

There's a lot of factors to consider when investing in a new broadband deal but usually the two most crucial are the price and the speeds on offer. While normally BT only sees strength in the latter, it has pulled out all of the stops to offer a complete, high-value package right now.

The most important factor here is the price with BT charging just £27.99 a month. While that isn't the cheapest offer by a long shot, it is the best that BT has offered for quite a while on this plan.

At that price, you're getting speeds averaging 50Mb which is plenty for the majority of games, Netflix binges, and more. On top of that, BT is currently throwing in an £80 Mastercard to up the value further.

All of that comes together to score one of the best internet offers currently available, especially for those who need some fast speeds.


BT Fibre 1 | 50Mbps (average speed) | 24 months | £9.99 upfront | FREE £80 Mastercard | £27.99 per month
There's a lot to like with this plan from BT. It comes in with monthly bills of just £27.99 - some of the lowest it has offered on this deal - while also charging just £9.99 upfront. On top of the pricing, BT will reward you with speeds averaging 50Mb and an £80 Mastercard to really bring the effective price down.

Obviously, BT isn't the only provider out there and this deal isn't the only strong choice available to you right now.

For fast speeds, Vodafone's Superfast 2 package offers some tempting value. It costs just £22.95 a month while scoring you speeds averaging 63Mb and it doesn't cost a penny upfront.

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