Brutal Legend coming to PC this month

Double Fine has announced plans to release a PC version of its rock inspired action RTS hybrid Brutal Legend on February 26.

Originally released on consoles in 2009, the game tells the story of Eddie Riggs, played by Jack Black, who is transported back through time to a mythical world immersed in rock and roll folklore, where he takes on the forces of darkness.

Newly upgraded with more detailed visuals and improved performance, and featuring all DLC released for the title, the PC version can be pre-ordered now for £11.24 / $14.99 on Steam, representing a 25 per cent discount off the launch day price. Those who put down money early will also receive immediate access to the Brutal Legend PC multiplayer beta and unlock two exclusive Team Fortress 2 items, Eddie Riggs’ hair and his guitar Clementine.

We said in our original Brutal legend review: “We wonder if [director Tim] Schafer may not be interested in a sequel, or if it will sell enough to warrant one, but for us, one Brutal Legend won’t be enough.”

Current and future PC performance details:

The current version has the following:

  • Much higher quality anti-aliasing (FXAA and SSAA). Users will be able to select these through the UI in a soon to come update.
  • Support for resolutions > 720p (whatever your monitor/GPU will support).
  • SSAO (screen-space ambient occlusion) which makes for better contact shadows and more solid looking objects.
  • Major improvements to latency/lag in multiplayer, especially in large games or games where some players have very bad pings.

Updates over the next week or so will add:

  • Uncapped (i.e. as fast as your GPU can handle) framerate.
  • Support for high-fidelity (i.e. 60Hz) simulation in single player.
  • Higher quality shadows.
  • Increased draw distance (which users can tune to be larger or smaller if need be).