Brother's in Arms: Hell's Highway

We were shown our in-game recon map laid over the actual battle grounds on Google Maps, and damned if the didn’t gel splendidly. Through consultation with military experts, at least one genuine veteran of Operation Market Garden, and even a little help from the British government, painstaking efforts have been made to portray everything exactly as it was.

Weapons of the era were recorded for sound, all the missions are realand any soldier over the rank of Lieutenant is an actual person. (We were even informed that at least one cast member of the HBO miniseries, Band of Brothers, will be reprising his role from the show in the game.) Hell’s Highway also draws heavily fromGeorge Koskimaki’s bookof the same name, which is a collection of first-hand accounts from the paratroopers that were actually there.

Also of strangely authentic interest is how Hell’s Highway has used in-game advertisements. Well, it may not be fair to call them "ads." One of the levels takes place at an actual dilapidated Philips factory, and the electronics giant was kind enough to allow the use of its old logo for authenticity’s sake. And you can see from the screenshot, that it’s hardly the glossy presentation most companies would demand, much less allow.

Immersion and Authenticity has always been BiA’s calling card, and it’s that magic formula that’s captivated fans for years, as well as kept the main series consistently in the Metacritic green. Though there's no co-op to speak of, there isa meaty 20 to 25 of hours of singleplayer.And Gearbox is also promising online multiplayer Deathmatches featuring "dozens of players on each side"and thesquad tactics used in solo missions. We’ll keep you updated as we get closer to Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway release date sometimein August.

Apr 17, 2008