Broken Sword 4 named and snapped

Friday 12 May 2006
Revolution Software has finally revealed the name for the fourth edition of its point 'n' click adventure series, and it is Broken Sword: The Angel of Death.

PC gamers will once again take the role of the permanently baffled George Stobbart as he falls in love with and then loses the mysterious Anna Maria. And as he attempts to find her again he uncovers a mysterious ancient artefact of unbelievable power that divides the world of religion from the men of science. So, as usual, George needs to save the world just one more time.

Above: George must save the girl and the world from a mysterious power

It all sounds a bit Da Vinci Code doesn't it? Mickey Torode, senior global brand manager at THQ certainly thinks so. Otherwise why would he say: "The Broken Sword franchise has long been at the forefront of conspiracy theory gaming"? We demand answers.

Promising intelligent, considered puzzles and an enthralling story, Broken Sword: The Angel of Death will be released on PC later this summer. Until then, get practising your point 'n' click skills by clicking the images tab above.