Broccoli bites back

So far the list includes losing his teeth, being scared of water and getting a crispy back through sunburn - no, this isn’t an update on TF’s old grandad and his ill-advised spring break in Cancun - it’s Daniel Craig’s apparent short-comings as 007 in the forthcoming Casino Royale.

A set leak confirmed that Craig had lost some teeth filming his first stunt sequence and from there, certain sections of the media have done all they can to portray poor Danny Boy as anything but suave, sophisticated and in control - including the fact that he can’t drive a manual car.

“His teeth are fine, his driving is fine, he doesn't have heat rash and he's not afraid of the water,“ Bond bean-counter Barbara Broccoli told the press.

With a clambering internet campaign against the scouse Layer Cake star and the quiet unrest among the superspy’s fan network, how is the atmosphere on set, we wonder?

“We're aware of it but it doesn't mean anything to us,” Broccoli maintains. “There's always a heightened interest in Bond, and every time we recast the role, there's even more. It's just in keeping with what we've been experiencing.”

Judge for yourselves when Casino Royale is released in November.

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