Paul Feig reveals why Bridesmaids 2 probably won't happen – but Spy 2 definitely could

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Few modern comedy movies have had the cultural impact of Bridesmaids. Starring Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph and Rose Byrne, the movie has become ingrained in pop culture, launching Melissa McCarthy's career into the stratosphere and becoming a staple of late-night re-run television. 

With such acclaim, it's no wonder that fans are crying out for a sequel. That, of course, would all be down to director Paul Feig. Asked by GamesRadar and Total Film whether he would direct a sequel to any of his movies, Feig – promoting his new movie Last Christmas – revealed that a sequel to Bridesmaids would be highly unlikely.

"Everyone thinks they want a sequel to Bridesmaids," he said. "One of the reasons the first movie works is not because of the wedding or all the shitting in the sinks – which is a good scene, I’ve got to say – but because Kristen Wiig’s character is this mess who goes through the fire and has to repair herself at the end. To take a movie like that and do a sequel… We could take [Melissa McCarthy's character] Megan and get her married, which is a really funny idea, but how do I invest the audience in that? You can’t just have Kristen’s life fall apart again and put back together. It always sounds so easy, like a done thing, but it’s that spirit of discovery you have in that first movie that really pulls you along, whether you notice that or not. You watch the character become something else."

While that may be the case with Bridesmaids, Feig went on to say that another of his film is ripe for revisiting: the McCarthy and Jason Statham-starring action-comedy Spy. "When you watch Spy, I felt like we could definitely do more of these," Feig said. "But we haven’t so far because there hasn’t been interest from the studio in it. That would be one I would think about. Even then, I know I have the greatest setup for Spy 2 ever, I’m so excited about it, but then you get the nitty gritty. Again, that was a movie about a woman overcoming her non-confidence to become strong. If you meet someone and they’re a badass at the beginning and a badass at the end, is that going to be enough?

Read our full Q&A with Feig, in which the director talks about his new movie Last Christmas and whether there's going to be a dark twist. Watch the new trailer for the  festive film below.

Last Christmas reaches UK cinemas 15 November.

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