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Breck Eisner chats up Flash Gordon

Director Breck Eisner’s The Crazies hit screens last week, which means he’s now free to talk about other projects in the pipieline.

And one of those just happens to be the new Flash Gordon flick (which he says isn’t a remake), which Eisner has been attached to since 2008. Looks like he’s finally on the way to getting it made.

Talking to Heat Vision , Eisner said: "Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless are working on the script right now. We're on the second draft now. It should be in the studio in a month or two. I'm very bullish on it. But it's a giant movie and will take a long time to do.”

Later, Eisner chatted with Movieline and had this to say:

" Flash Gordon is a project I've been pursuing for years, it's a real passion of mine. The writers have been breaking story the past couple of months, and we have a couple months to go until the draft goes into Sony. Assuming they achieve everything we talked about, I think it will be a really great script.

“It's not a remake of any movie that's been done before. Nothing to do with the camp of the '80s, nothing to do with the serials of the '50s. It's definitely based on the Alex Raymond strips from the '30s and '40s, told from the point of view as if he was redoing the strips today.

"The audience that was reading the strips back then was a very different audience than today's audience. It's an action-adventure, very dynamic, aggressive, with a really strong central character.”

Sounds promising (though Sam Jones’ ‘80s version will always have a place in our hearts), and Eisner definitely seems to be taking the route marked ‘epic’. Let’s just hope that Sony like what they see and shove buckets of money his way.

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