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Brand new Half-Life footage appears at last (by way of the amazing-looking Black Mesa Half-Life 1 remake)

Okay, Half-Life 3 is still MIA. As is Half-Life 2: Episode Three (opens in new tab), or whatever the next one from Valve turns out to be. But let's face it, we've been so long without a new Half-Life, and the first one is so old now, that a full remake with modern Source Engine graphics is almost like a brand new prequel, right? You know, if you try really hard not to remember 1998, and lie to yourself that Half-Life 2 (opens in new tab) was the first game in the series.

Look, we're dealing with Half-Life fandom here. Sometimes borderline psychotic mental divergence is the only way to get through the day with hope intact.

Anyway, some gameplay footage has finally arrived (via a big fat leak) from the amazing-looking Black Mesa (opens in new tab) total conversion mod. It's been in development for roughly 8 billion years, but it's looking damn good. It's maybe not sounding so good at the moment, if that soldier voice-acting is anything to go by, but let's not worry about that now. This thing exists, and if we're lucky we might get to play it before the Source Engine 2 (opens in new tab) appears, makes it obsolete, and forces the devs to start all over again.

There's another bit of footage knocking around too, but it's fugly beyond compare, from a really old build, and runs at 6 frames per minute. Thus, I decided not to offend your eyes by embedding it. Check it out here (opens in new tab) though, if you can be bothered.

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