Boy punches mother over Halo 3

Nov 1, 2007

A 'juvenile' lover of Halo 3 has been accused of punching his mother (after she forced him to end his game) and fighting with sheriff's deputies as they tried to restrain him. Further reports that he attacked his mother and police with a 360 controller melee-style attack have yet to be confirmed. And won't be. We made that bit up.

Parents told deputies their son was playing Halo 3, and it was getting late and he needed to shut it off. Hey, we've all been there. But when he refused to turn it off, the parentsreportedlytook the air card* out of his machine so he couldn't play anymore.

Son then became enraged like a Brute that's lost his armour and went through the house looking for the air card. It was during this moment of him running riot when he punched his mother, and the cops were called. The kid then legged it back to his room (with the air card), locked the door and carried on playing.

Deputies and mum banged on the door but only got a load of abuse hurled back at them. Like when you actually play Halo 3 on Xbox Live.

Eventually he was cuffed and turned over to state juvenile authorities on charges of battery-domestic violence and battery on a law-enforcement officer. Let that be a lesson to you.

*By the way, if anyone knows what an 'air card' is please let us know. Unless it's Spanish for CD?

Courtesy of CVG