Boy plays PSP, falls off train platform onto the tracks

Hot on the soggy heels offountain woman comes a ten-year old Italiankid with who almost met his maker thanks to hand-held gaming. The startling CCTV footage shows the little mite wandering along a busy platform,allegedly holding a PSPand staring intently at it -disproving the notion thatPSP doesn't have acaptive audience .But without even a glance upwards the little ladtakes a nose-dive off the edge and onto the tracks.Cueheroics from an off-duty police officer who immediately leaps into action. See it now...

Is it wrong that our first thought upon seeing this clip was "Wonder what he was playing that was so engaging?". Probably. If only he'd watched our videos depicting the perils of focusing too hard on games, eh? Likethis oneorthis one. Still, thank goodness he only escaped with a few cuts and bruises.

February 4th 2011

[Via Buzzfeed]

Nathan Irvine
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