Borderlands 3 infinite grenade Zane build returns after Gearbox's latest hotfix

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Borderlands 3 is on the cusp of celebrating Halloween with its upcoming Bloody Harvest event this week, but a new hotfix for the looter shooter from developer Gearbox has accidentally introduced something that everyone on Pandora and beyond ought to fear: Infinite 'Nade Zane. 

This is a previously defunct build for The Operative class in Borderlands 3 that made use of  Zane's multiple perks which buffed him with every grenade kill, and something which Gearbox quickly cracked down with a hotfix in mid-October that nerfed the character's ability to heal himself via his grenades. 

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But a last-minute twist has revealed itself in the form of that very same quality-of-life update from Gearbox that rolled out on October 17, which has apparently made a modified version of Infinite Grenade Zane just as viable as the last. 

A Reddit user by the name of Flightx3aa outlined his findings online, alongside a YouTube video which goes into the build's construction in more detail, so you can find out more there if you're interested, but here's the need-to-know info. 

Basically, you'll need to invest in Zane's Pocket Full of Grenades, Distributed Denial, Calm Cool and Collected, Refreshment perks in his Under Cover skill tree, which puts a heavy emphasis on inflicting damage through explosives, including not grenades, but RPG weapons too. 

Flightx3aa promises that, and I quote, "YOU WILL FEEL INVINCIBLE" with this new and improved homage to a long-lost build of Borderlands 3's early days, but the jury's still out on whether it's as fun and powerful as its predecessor. Why not check it out for yourself, and let us know how it plays in the comments? 

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