Booster Gold, Deathstroke, and Mary Marvel team to hunt vamps in DC vs. Vampires: All-Out War

DC vs. Vampires: All-Out War #1 cover art
DC vs. Vampires: All-Out War #1 cover art (Image credit: DC)

DC vs. Vampires is back for more and it looks like DC has a new bloodsucking franchise. 

DC vs. Vampires: All-Out War #1 is a new six-issue "all-you-can-eat buffet of grindhouse mayhem" limited series beginning in July that serves as a companion series to the main DC vs. Vampire series, following the companion one-shots DC vs Vampires: Hunters in May and DC vs Vampires: Killers in June.

DC vs. Vampires: All-Out War #1 variant cover (Image credit: DC)

All-Out War is written by main series co-writer and the one-shots' writer Matthew Rosenberg along with Alex Paknadel, a writer with credits at BOOM! Studios (Arcadia), Marvel, Valiant Entertainment, Titan, and more, with art by Pasquale Qualano.

All-Out War #1 also features a backup story written and drawn by Guillaume Singelin.

Like all DC vs Vampires titles, DC describes the series as "gritty, violent, and brutal," but what makes All-Out War stand out is a fourth adjective - "monochromatic."

DC vs. Vampires: All-Out War #1 variant cover (Image credit: DC)

That's right. While you can't tell it by the covers here, DC vs. Vampires: All-Out War will be told in glorious black and white. Where's Bela Lugosi when you need him?

"One of the last secret, underground human cities is facing total annihilation and its leader - John Constantine - must plan a suicide mission to assassinate a key lieutenant in the vampire empire!" reads DC's description. "Against unreal odds and with an unlikely team including Booster Gold, Deathstroke, and Mary Marvel, does the Hellblazer have one more trick up his sleeve?"

And by the look of the main cover by Alan Quah (below), the unlikely team also includes Bane, Deadman, and Azrael.

DC vs. Vampires: All-Out War #1 cover (Image credit: DC)

The main 12-issue DC vs. Vampires series with co-writer James Tynion IV just concluded its first half with issue #6 on March 29 and is taking a pause to let artist Otto Schmidt take a breather and keep on track.

An 'Elseworlds'-type series, DC vs. Vampires began by pitting the Justice League against a secret vampire army that is preparing to conquer Earth and just shocked readers by revealing the vampire army is led by its king - Nightwing, which you might have been able to tell by the variant cover above.

DC vs. Vampires: All-Out War #1 (of 6) goes on sale on July 19 and features variant covers by Kael Ngu, James Stokoe, and Ejikure, the latter two of which you can see above.

Look for DC's July 2022 solicitations later this month on Newsarama.

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