BOOK REVIEW The Hundred-Towered City

A time-travelling rescue mission gets tricky…

Author: Garry Kilworth

Publisher: Orbit • 338 pages • £12.99

ISBN: 978-1-90423-303-1


Researching your family tree is usually a dull affair involving library books, county records and internet searches… unless you’re the Kettle family. Dad Roger has built a time machine out of a motorbike and, along with wife Kate, speeds off to Prague circa 1903 to dig up some relatives. When they don’t come back, however, it’s up to resourceful sprogs Jack, Annie and Davey to bring them home…

Kilworth proved long ago that he can whip up a decent children’s novel and he’s on top form with this delightful adventure story. Likeable, believable heroes mingle with the folklore and legends of old Prague (Golems, alchemists, farting fairies) while fulfilling their mission by any means necessary –Jack joins the Bohemian army, Annie becomes a Countess’s protégée and little Davey takes up acting. Even Franz Kafka gets a look-in as the kids end up lodging with him. It’s often thrilling stuff – the kind of rich, juicy romp a child will never forget.

Jayne Nelson

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