BOOK REVIEW The Afterblight Chronicles: Dawn Over Doomsday

Apocalyptically bad

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Author: Jaspre Bark

Publisher: Abaddon Books • 316 pages • £6.99

ISBN: 978-1-90543-762-7


Since it’s published by an imprint owned by Rebellion (who also own 2000AD), you’d expect Dawn Over Doomsday to be a bit special. Sadly, it’s grokking rubbish.

Firefly fans will recognise most of the style – the plot’s a post-apocalyptic tale of cowboys and Indians, with Native American chief Hiamovi facing off against cult leader Samuel Colt – but none of the substance.

Containing cowboy cadence mixed with modern parlance, and a sample quote as embarrassing as: “Cortez felt something wet run down his cheek. He thought at first that he must have accidentally cut himself, but when he put his hand to his face he realised it was tears,” Doomsday is as charmless as an arrow to the eye, and just as painful.
Spend your money on the DVD of Neil Marshall’s Doomsday instead. Apocalypse or no apocalypse, all this is good for is kindling

Sam Ashurst

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