Boo! Behold almost 30 minutes of Luigi's Mansion 3 gameplay

Halloween came early this year with an impressive, nearly 30-minute gameplay trailer for Luigi's Mansion 3. The lengthy footage shows off both single-player and co-op gameplay exploring a garden-themed floor of the hotel in which Luigi's Mansion 3 takes place. Everything about it makes me want to turn off the lights, light a candle, and play 'til the sun comes up.

The first thing that struck me about the gameplay footage is how detailed and interactive the environments are. Snakes strike from behind overgrown foliage, threatening mice skitter underneath tall grass, and flowers bloom to release coins under the shine of Luigi's flashlight. In one area, a chainsaw is used to demolish furniture and structures and scavenge their precious coins. And nevermind these interactions, the garden floor just pops with moonlit detail that's about as impressive as I've seen on the Switch.

At around the 9-minute mark, a second player takes control of the fan-favorite Gooigi, a malleable gooey doppelganger of Luigi's that helps get through tight spaces but can't cross through water. Finally, the footage shows the co-op team taking on the garden floor's boss fight, the "special ghost" Dr. Potter, who carries around a potted plant housing a massive Venus flytrap.

Luigi's Mansion 3 will mark a welcome return for the Luigi-helmed franchise, six years after Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon dropped on the 3DS, when it aptly releases on Halloween, October 31.

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Jordan Gerblick

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