Bond: Stuff the Martinis, mine's a Heineken

It’s official: 007 is off the Martini, regardless of whether it’s been shaken, stirred or poured across the heaving bosom of a gorgeous supermodel.

Well, all right, he’s probably not giving up his favourite tipple for good – being a refined fella and all – but with the Casino Royale novel representing one of the few times the super spy drinks beer, Heineken has leapt on the idea and secured a hefty sponsorship deal for the new movie.

The campaign that will surround Casino includes a specially shot advert starring Eva Green and directed by Syriana’s Stephen Gaghan (who was likely cashing the cheque to pay for his next complicated, political flick). The promo spot is unique in that it’s the first time an ad shoot has been allowed on to an actual Bond set.

While Daniel Craig himself won’t actually be supping the brew in the film (we can hear the anti-Craig fans bemoaning the fact he can’t hold his drink even now), thanks to the magic of product placement the label will be seen in several scenes, including a small neon billboard attached to Dame Judi Dench’s head. Or did we dream that?

"It's not just about the red carpet and festivals," Heineken global manager Christopher Carroll gassed to The Hollywood Reporter. "We want to ensure we are part of the cinemagoing experience for everyone globally."

Yeah, that’s what we need – drunken loons vomiting across cinemas…