Bluepoint Games Twitter bio states it's "fully independent" despite PlayStation acquisition rumors

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Bluepoint Games Twitter bio has stated it's "fully independent" as rumors it may be acquired by PlayStation Studios circulate. 

The Demon’s Souls developer has recently added that it is a “fully independent self-funded studio” to its Twitter bio, which it appears wasn’t previously contained in the social media site’s description of the company as recently as March 2021. 

Not only this, but the studio has also allegedly added the same phrase to a job listing on its website, so that it now reads as: “Bluepoint Games, an independent studio renowned for the remakes of Demon’s Souls and Shadow of the Colossus [...] is seeking industry-leading talent to join us in crafting our next high-profile AAA title.” 

With the use of The Wayback Machine, we can see that this phrase wasn’t contained in the job listing as recently as yesterday, June 30, 2021. As for Twitter, we are only able to see results for yesterday - which the phrase was included in the bio - and back to March 16, 2021, where the phrase was absent. Meaning, it could have been added around a similar time as it was to the job listing, or sometime between March 16 - June 30, 2021. 

Why this is of interest is due to the accidental release of an image that said Bluepoint Games would be joining PlayStation Studios by the PlayStation Japan Twitter account before quickly being deleted a few days ago. The tweet was supposed to announce the actual acquisition of Returnal developers, Housemarque who will be joining the PlayStation family; however, it featured a graphic containing Bluepoint’s logo as well as an image of Demon’s Souls. 

Nobody at PlayStation or Bluepoint has made an official announcement on the mix-up yet so it’s not clear whether this is an announcement that was supposed to come out at a later date or just a complete misunderstanding. 

Bluepoint Games is most notably known for its remasters of classic PlayStation titles such as the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and the God of War Collection on PS3, as well as the Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection for PS4. 

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