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Bloody Screenshots From New Saw Game

Arriving on the internets today are screenshots of the latest Saw game - and it's a gorefest.

Blood-filled, dripping with dread and spattered with trademark devices and images from the movies, Saw: The Game, looks like a riot. You know, if sports equipment and guts are your thing.

Check out the screenshots below, courtesy of Bloody Disgusting. They make the game look a bit like Silent Hill. Which is nice.

Mmm. Nice. The plot of the game is an orignal story set in the Saw universe, you play a detective on Jigsaw's trail after he killed your partner.

Trapping you in an abandoned insane asylum he controls, you must battle your way through a series of traps and solve the clues to find out what drives this twisted serial killer.

Sound good? Think it'll redress the balance of good/bad movie videogames? Let us know.