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BLOG In Semi-Defence Of The Phantom Menace

We all remember the excitement that heralded The Phantom Menace's launch back in May 1999. Were you one of those camped out for days at the cinema beforehand, eager to be one of the first to see it? Blogger Laura McConnell was, and having seen the movie Fanboys recently, was reminded of those enjoyable days:

In Semi-Defence Of The Phantom Menace

The cinema had a system whereby one didn't have to stand in line continuously. You could have someone hold your place. Periodically, employees would come out and check to be sure every badge was present, but the person holding it could vary. No one could hold two badges, though. The seventh badge had to be held by the seventh person, and there was no cheating on this.

This is a personal article by Laura McConnell .

Do you have fond memories of camping out to watch a film? What about The Phantom Menace itself - did your pleasure during those build-up days leave you with pleasant memories to outweigh the actual experience of watching it? Your thoughts welcome as always, in the comment thread below or on our bustling forum .