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After watching episode twelve of SGU ’s first season, blogger Kelly Harker no longer has divided feelings about the series. (WARNING: Contains spoilers!)

1.12 “Divided”
Written by Paul Mullie & Joseph Mallozzi
Directed by Felix Alcala

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THE ONE WHERE While the military on board Destiny is distracted with finding the hidden alien tracking device, a small group of civilians attempt a coup d'état .

VERDICT Civilians trying to take leadership of Destiny from the military was going to happen sooner or later in the series, and in this case it happened sooner I expected. Perhaps it would have been interesting to watch the two sides trying to survive with a lack of air, food, and water but the writers decided to bring everyone back together – and quickly – for good reason: it’s the character interactions that makes this show so darned entertaining. So I really do hope that they all continue to not get along.

Even though the civilians stole a bit of the spotlight from the military this episode I’m still waiting for more development of these characters, especially with Camile Wray (played by Ming-Na). Other than highlighting early on in the season that her character is in a same-sex relationship back on Earth – finally, something other than a heterosexual relationship on a Stargate show! – unfortunately they haven’t since done anything else remarkable with her character, which is disappointing because I desperately want to like her. Right now her only purpose on Destiny (like many others on the ship) seems only to be to eat all of the hydroponic tomatoes. Although I like how we’re starting to see a little more action on SGU , I still want to know more about the characters.

But wanting more information and character development means that I’m finally invested in this show. I admit that I wasn’t quite convinced from the first few episodes of the season but I am now: not only is this a great Stargate show, but it has become one of my favourite science fiction shows. Scary aliens, character conflict, suspenseful moments, an awesome-looking space-ship, Robert Carlyle – what’s not to like?

YOU KNOW YOU’RE SLEEPING, RIGHT? In my opinion the best SGU opening scene so far: inside Chloe’s dream of being on board the alien ship. The combination of rock music with the close-up on Chloe’s screaming face gave the scene a perfect nightmarish touch.

ADD IT TO YOUR iPOD “You Won’t Know” by Brand New is the song accompanying Chloe through her nightmare. I was rhythmically banging my head front and backwards to the song in approval.

THAT’S GOTTA HURT Dr Rush coming out of anesthesia and freaking when seeing his chest spread open was a tense yet entertaining and slightly hilarious moment.

BEST LINES: Camile Wray: [Talking about Rush] “You shouldn’t have left him on the planet.”
Col Young: “You think I don’t know that?”

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