Blizzard launches 15 year anniversary site for Diablo, Diablo III release date still a mystery

While we’re still waiting on Blizzard for an official release date for Diablo III, the site is a real love letter to Diablo and its fans. There’s a fantastic retrospective video on the history of the series. Bet you didn’t know Diablo started as a turn-based, claymation-animated production.

There are also video interviews with Diablo III game director Jay Wilson, and Chris Metzen, the man behind the lore of Diablo and other Blizzard titles. All in all, the site is an entertaining and illuminating tribute to a well-loved series. Of course, if you haven’t checked out Diablo III’s Black Soulstone cinematic, starring Deckard Cain’s niece Leah, you should. Check it out below!

Above: The claymation Diablo that might've been

Above: The Black Soulstone cinematic for Diablo III

Alex Roth