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Black Panther's Danai Gurira REALLY loves reality TV show Shark Tank – is this your next big binge?

What do superheroes get up to when they aren’t saving worlds and shutting down the bad guys? That’s something I put to Danai Gurira when we sat down to talk about Black Panther recently and, well, I wasn’t expecting this. Reliving montages of Michonne’s best moments from The Walking Dead, perhaps? A long-overdue Game of Thrones catch-up? Good luck guessing: it’s something you might not be too familiar with…

Say hello to Shark Tank. No, it’s not a show where they dunk celebrities in with Jaws and let them get on with it (though if any network execs are reading, call me). If you’re in the US you’ve probably heard of it, but those across the pond may be left scratching their heads.

Brits know it by another name: Dragon’s Den. Or, as I like to call it, Dragon’s Den if you gave Jeff Goldblum a million dollars to give it a makeover. It’s brash, loud, and a little bit (ok, a lot) OTT. Hey, Richard Branson’s in it too!

I’ll let Danai Gurira explain it in her own words: “There’s these multimillionaires – some of them are billionaires – and they let people come in and share their ideas or the concept of a business, or a business they already have going.”

So why does she gush over it so much? Simple: it’s like nothing she’s used to. “It’s so different to what I do for a living that coming home and watching these expert minds deal with a field I know nothing about and I just – I love it,” she explains. Watch the video above to see Gurira revel in Shark Tank in all its glory (seriously, she loves it so it's fun to watch her get her geek on).

You heard it here first, Danai loves Shark Tank. And thus concludes part one of my quest to find weirdly out-of-sorts TV shows that celebrities can’t get enough of. What next, Donald Glover adores the Teletubbies?

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