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Black Ops 3 Awakening brings new maps and Zombies to Xbox One on March 3

Sleepyhead Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 players on Xbox One and PC will get an Awakening on March 3, Activision has confirmed. Awakening introduces three all-new competitive multiplayer maps: abandoned water park Splash, biome-trotting Gauntlet, and towering construction site Rise. It also includes Skyjacked, a reworked floating fortress version of Black Ops 2's Hijacked.

If you prefer to shoot hordes of rotten-brained soldiers who don't leave their mics on while listening to awful music, Awakening also packs in the first-all new Zombies co-op campaign chapter in years: Der Eisendrache. Tank Dempsey and the rest of the gang are back to their old world-saving exploits, this time while laying siege to an occult research facility built in a freaky Austrian castle. Also there's a dragon.

The Awakening will be available on its own for $15, though the $49.99 Black Ops 3 Season Pass is set to receive three more map packs throughout the year.

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