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"Bite-size" PSP games planned for PSN

Jan 11, 2008

Sony has revealed plans to expand the PSN Store for PC with new "bite-size experiences" for PSP, in an effort to broaden the console's demographic.

PSP senior product manager, John Koller, says of the PC Store: "We have an opportunity to bring bite-size experiences to the system, ten minute, pick up and play content that can be downloaded from the store."

Koller goes on to say that the online store will also serve as a port for highly-demanded PSP games that can no-longer be found in shops. Koller tells Kotaku that "games that we hear a lot of demand from PSP owners - titles like Wipeout, Twisted Metal" will be made available for download to those who really want them.

Never mind all that, Sony. We want more (good) PS1 games.

Courtesy of CVG.