BioShock to be 360 and PC exclusive

Thursday 28 September 2006
Continuing the theme of laser-targeted exclusives at Microsoft's current X06 conference, upcoming horror-FPS BioShock was confirmed to be an exclusive release for 360 and PC when it arrives next year.

That's not too much of a change from what we already knew, as a PS3 version was never officially announced - and Microsoft obviously knows that making the game exclusive to 360 would get their offices firebombed by the PC crowd (well, we say firebombed, we mean 'flooded with furious emails').

Above: Until a new Silent Hill or Siren lurches out, next-gen has never looked so beautifully disturbing

Check the images tab above for three new screens, and if you're a Sony-only gamer then take heart - the carefully-worded exclusivity announcement doesn't mean a PS3 version won't appear at some later date. And, let's face it, as would-be PS3 owners we're getting pretty used to delays.