BioShock shots hit home

Two new screens for BioShock, the underwater-set survival shooter, have surfaced showing off some new, gruesome looking mutant enemies and an underground facility location. You can see the redneck-esque nasties below, wearing what looks like a mask made of human flesh - or has he just lost part of his own face? - or hit the Images tab above to view the deep-sea facility.

With a beautifully detailed and atmospheric world that leaps right out of these images, BioShock is stoking our interest with red-hot coals of anticipation - in other words, we're not sure how we can survive until the game is launched next year. And, although it's currently only confirmed for release on 360 and PC, we'd love to see a PS3 launch-day landing for this sub-aqua stunner.

September 20, 2006