Bioshock on PS3 officially happening

The rumours are true: critically acclaimed Take-Two shooter BioShock is finally, definitely coming to PlayStation 3.

Details are thin on the ground at the moment (i.e. there are none), but the next issue of UK PlayStation mag PSM3 - which is on UK newsstands June 5 - promises a lengthy preview of the PS3 version along with a depth charge of screenshots.

The highly lauded shooter was originally an Xbox 360 exclusive, but rumours of a PS3 versionhad been surfacing even before its release.

We called Take-Two's UK office who would only give us a flat "no comment". That being the case, expect an official announcement somewhere down the line.

There's another European mag that's touting the game in its upcoming issue too. We're beginning to see a pattern emerging here...

We've no idea what, if anything, the PS3 version will get in the way of extra content. The only extra stuff the 360 and PC versions got post-release were new plasmids. But frankly we had such a bloody good time exploring Rapture on PC and 360 that we're well up for another dive on PS3.

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