Bionic Commando returns

Oct 17, 2007

One of Capcom's big announcements this week (expect another one today) is that Bionic Commando is getting a remake for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Fans of the original game will be delighted at the news, although the initial version is so old now, having been originally released in 1988, we wonder how many people actually remember it that well.

Still, the bionic arm that allows our hero Nathan Spencer to swing around the environments with ease does look super-cool. And while Spider-Man may have been swinging around in 3D for years already, the webslinger didn't have a shotgun with him last time we checked. That's one mark in BC's favour then.

The plot is charmingly ridiculous. Nathan is framed for a series of murders and put in prison. But then an experimental terrorist bomb goes off, leaving Ascension City in ruins. Considering how much easier it would be to traverse the wrecked buildings if you had a bionic grappling arm, there's only one man who can help. And so Nathan is freed from jail to help the government get out of a crisis. Totally unlike Gears of War. Um...

It's unclear whether Hitler will be the last boss as in some versions of the old game... but we are promised the ability to use the arm to lob large objects at enemies which we couldn't do before, and as another nice addition, Nathan is to be voiced by former Faith No More singer Mike Patton. All sounds good to us. Check out thefirst screens, then why nothead over to the forum to discuss it some more?

Above: Bionic Commando in 2007. Sure, Lost Planet had a grappling line, but it wasn't the main feature of the game. This should be very different

Justin Towell

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