Bill Murray's Ghostbusters 3 script woes


Ghostbusters is pretty much everyone's favorite film. Ghostbusters 3 , on the other hand, is probably Bill Murray's least favorite film. Seriously, we reckon he hates it more than Garfield 2: A Tail Of Two Kitties .

Because it seems Murray can't get through an interview without someone asking him to put on a proton pack, and his recent appearance on The David Letterman Show wasn't any different.

Still, Murray was game enough to answer Dave's GB3 question directly, and even give us an update on the project in the process.

"That's about all they want to know at Cannes, too...But, um...They just don't have a really good script. It's hard. Even the Second Ghostbusters wasn't as much fun for me as the first one. It's hard to make a sequel. That first one was really funny. It was just so darn funny, it's hard for me..."

Letterman pressed Murray for more information, and that's where it got interesting. "We'll try again."

Those three words should give hope to all the fans currently praying to Gozer for Peter Venkman's return.

It sounds to us like a rewrite is taking place. And, more significantly, Murray hasn't closed the door to appearing if it's any good.

Which is great news, as the last we heard, he'd shredded the script and sent it back to Dan Aykroyd.

So, it sounds like a case of "Who you gonna call? Script doctors!"

We love Bill, we love Ghostbusters . Please, someone, make this work.

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