Bigga than Ben review

Russian immigrants take London

A fresh new perspective on our nation’s capital comes courtesy of Spiker (Russian star Andrei Chadov) and Cobakka (Prince Caspian himself, Ben Barnes), a pair of recently arrived Russian immigrants.

Based on the bestselling diaries of two real-life shysters, this Brit film’s fast-paced first half plays like a jovial crime caper as our antiheroes work their way through
every scam in The Paranoid Racist’s Big Book Of Asylum Seekers.

But it’s not long before the reality of the immigrant experience hits home. Piss-stained bedsits, nightmarish bureaucracy and hostile locals are enough to evoke pity, even for this pair of hoodlums.

It tails off into a confusing ending, but Bigga Than Ben is still honest, funny and provocative enough to wind up Daily Mail and Guardian readers alike.

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